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Why Should You Use Spray Foam Insulation?

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • It eliminates air infiltration: preventing
  • 90% of moisture intrusion, 40% of
  • energy loss and mold growth.
  • It reduces damage from wind-driven rain.
  • It eliminates condensation on ducts.
  • It cuts utility bills substantially.

This question deserves one simple answer, polyurethane foam insulations, when properly installed, outperform in a very “real world way” any other traditional insulation product on the market.

There are so many insulation products to choose from, all of which are quoted in terms of R-value. However, what we are never taught is that the term R-value is a misunderstood concept and a poor indication of the true performance of the insulating abilities of the product. The fact is R-value is determined based on very controlled experimental conditions where real life forces are intentionally neglected to be factored in.

The two most distorting of these forces are convection (air-flow) and water vapor (moisture), both which greatly reduce the potential effects of the insulation product. With breezy days, while running exhaust systems in the house, and running the central air-conditioning system the majority of homes are experiencing states of pressurization or depressurization. The majority of insulation products have their experimentally determined R-values reduced down into fractions…even quite possibly to zero with the introduction of these two forces.

Open Cell and Closed Cell Polyurethane foam will greatly outperform the competing insulations by reducing air flow and the transfer of water vapor. Products such as closed cell foam will even eliminate these forces altogether.

The demand for traditional products such as fiberglass, cellulose, Styrofoam, rockwool, among many others, is quickly diminishing as these facts are discovered. In fact, building code in some counties around the nation are already adopting such strict energy efficiency policies that it is almost impossible to meet energy code if not using products such as closed cell polyurethane foam.

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